our paper flower story


Katie and her husband were married in November of 2014 in Massachusetts, and since the wedding was in the winter, local fresh flowers were impossible to find. She knew she wanted to make her bouquets out of paper, and as she taught herself how to do it, she decided to do all the flowers for the guys, attendants, and tables. Over the course of six months, she curled and glued roses and calla lilies, making in total 8 bridesmaid bouquets, 1 large bridal bouquet, 21 boutonnieres, and over 175 single stems for the centerpieces. Phew! It was a labor of love, and in the process, she got good enough at making paper flowers that she decided to try to sell them.

Since then, Katie has designed over 30 varietals of paper flowers and we've perfected the art of the paper flower bouquet (it's not the same as working with fresh flowers!) We love a challenge, so if there's a flower you love that you don't see in any of our photos, just ask. We'd love to try it out! 

Pricing is based on flower varietals and the size of your finished bouquet or arrangement. Below you'll find some general wedding packages to give you an idea of financial investment. (Don't forget--they last forever!)


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