A Modern Baby Shower Invite With *Just Enough* Purple

_MG_2077 When my friend Melanie approached me to design a baby shower invitation for our mutual friend, Kristin, she started by saying she wanted something "chic, modern and sophisticated". The shower was going to be a high tea in LA and it needed to fit Kristin's California style. She was expecting a girl, but didn't want to go too "pink crazy"--she mentioned liking yellow and aqua in addition to purples, pinks and maybe grey.

Hmmm... A baby shower with a sophisticated feel? Oh boy! (or girl, I guess...) I wasn't sure where to start, so I decided to go with the tea theme and play around with the colors she ask for. I thought I'd try a design with zero pink:

Betts Teacups-01

The girls loved the design (even though I spelled her name wrong!). BUT, the plans had changed since Melanie had first contacted me, and it was no longer going to be a tea party! Since they loved the colors so much, I kept the color scheme and went with a few other design element ideas, keeping just enough purple!

Betts_Stroller Betts_MonogramBetts_Mobile

Turns out my original fonts were spot on, because they loved the third design with the mobile the best! I think that was my favorite too, and I was able to pull the shapes from the mobile and use them on an insert card and the envelope liner. I love how this came out!


Because Kristin is my friend and I was so excited for her, I just had to make her a set of thank you notes to match:


I love that this design could easily be used for a gender neutral shower, or we could even switch out the colors to welcome a baby boy. Versatile designs like this are perfect for the Etsy shop!

Kristin had a lovely shower, and just last week gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Mama and baby are doing great. Congratulations Kristin!!!