Paper Flowers for Teacher!


_MG_1922A few weeks ago, one of my best friends emailed me about making some flowers to send with her daughter for "Bring Your Teacher a Flower Day." (Huh?? I know I'm dating myself by saying this, but I swear there is a Hallmark holiday for everything these days..) Laura mentioned that her daughter had 6 teachers that she needed flowers for, and one was a male so we needed one in a more masculine color. I love the idea of doing paper flowers for teachers! While the live flowers were probably beautiful on that day, I doubt they're still bright and cheery 3 weeks later! Laura picked out 6 colors for the roses, and I decided to surprise her and include some Thank You tags that were color coordinated so Hayley could write her name on each one.


Teacher Appreciation Weeks & Days vary in different parts of the country, but most of them happen around this time of year. And one fact is constant wherever your children are in school: Teachers work SUPER hard, have a HUGE effect on their students' lives, and deserve appreciation YEAR ROUND!


Hayley's teachers' flowers will still be in bloom when students arrive for school next September, and their desks will be graced with a reminder of how much Hayley and her family appreciate them.

Do you have a teacher you'd like to show your appreciation towards? Order yours today!