*New!* Foil Printing (and The Most Personal of Personal Stationery)

_MG_1900 Ok, ok. Foil Printing isn’t exactly new. But it’s new for Katherine Elizabeth Events and I couldn’t be more excited! Foil has been a hot stationery trend in the last couple of years, so quite honestly, I’m a bit behind in offering it to my clients. But in keeping with everything I do for my business, I was adamant about finding a way to do it completely in-house before offering it as an upgrade. From design to printing and assembly, and even the packaging of my orders as they go out the door, I do it all myself. I like knowing that I have full control over the quality of my product, and I have trouble trusting outside sources to take over any of my production. (I’m well aware this is going to have to change at some point soon, since I do only have two hands and I am a growing business. But we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.) After much research, some financial investment and lots of practice, I am officially adding foil as an upgrade option as of TODAY! Woohoo!!

I have been fortunate to have had a couple of guinea pig clients to try out some designs on and perfect my technique. The first piece I wanted to upgrade, obviously, was my own business card.


I knew I wanted to keep the navy, but since I was using foil I was going to have to simplify the design. So, I got rid of the rose in the top corner and the square shape, and designed a more traditional card (boring, I know, but it is easier to read).

biz card options

After lots of different tries, I settled on a navy card with copper foil, duplexed with smooth white paper on the back and “papaya” digital ink. I love how it came out!


Next up was the hubby’s business cards. He works full-time for Anhueser-Busch In-Bev, but in his spare time he cooks and writes a blog about what he’s been up to in the kitchen. He’s always telling people about his blog, but has never had any cards to hand out. I had to change that!

_MG_1905 _MG_1906

I am obsessed with the black on black foil. I think it’s so badass and perfectly simple and masculine for Anthony and his blog.

My first official foil order was hand delivered this weekend (my friend Alex offered to be a guinea pig for me before I made it “public”). This girl is obsessed with her English Cream Retriever, Macy:Macy

She had talked about wanting stationery with a Macy motif for quite a while, so I decided to whip up a sample and surprise her one day. To say she was excited would be the understatement of the year. There were definitely some squeals.

We worked together to design her perfect stationery, complete with a gold foil Macy motif at the top, and a collection of colors befitting her personal style. The border is digitally printed on the front, and the whole card is duplexed (think double thick) on a matching colored backing. The gold confetti liners were sort of an afterthought, but I think they really take the set to the next level!

_MG_1892 _MG_1910 _MG_1891

The Macy stationery is now available on the Etsy shop! Don’t have a retriever? No problem! I’m hoping to add more to the official collection in the coming weeks, but I’d love to make something custom for you!