Blue and White Table Arrangement


A couple of weeks ago, I got a request on Etsy for a dining table arrangement in shades of blue. I was so excited to see how this would come out! I love the bold blue! Blue Arrangement1

My client requested "lake" and "royal" blues and I suggested incorporating the lightest shade of blue, "bluebell" for the hydrangeas. When I started putting the roses together, I decided to play with mixing the colors. For a few of the roses I used the darker shade for the inner petals and the lighter shade for the outer petals. I love the look!

Blue Arrangement

The order was just for the flowers, with no need for a container, but I photographed them here in a dark wicker basket (actually a cracker basket from Crate & Barrel). Kind of wanted to keep this one for myself!


Order yours today in your choice of colors:

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